Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx) Diver Course


Course Overview

Are you interested in increasing your bottom time and decreasing you surface interval? If so, become an Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx) Diver! Nitrogen is the gas in air that limits our bottom time and increases our surface interval time. By lessening the amount of nitrogen absorbed, we can increase bottom time and decrease surface interval time. We decrease nitrogen absorption by increasing the amount of oxygen in the air that we breathe. EANx is a gas mixture that consists of more than 21% oxygen. 

Course Topics

In the EANx Diver Course, you will ...

  • expand your knowledge of the gas laws,
  • learn about the physiology of oxygen and nitrogen,
  • learn the advantages, disadvantages, and risks of nitrox,
  • learn the hazards and precautions of handling oxygen,
  • learn how to choose the proper gas mixture for your dive profile,
  • learn how to calculate safe diving depths for different gas mixtures,
  • learn how to calculate safe oxygen percentages needed for desired dive profiles,
  • learn the concept of Equivalent Air Depth,
  • learn common gas mixing procedures, and
  • learn how to analyze the gas mixture in your tank.


The NAUI Enriched Air Nitrox course is for divers that want to increase their bottom time and decrease their surface interval time. Minimum age for participation is 10 years of age for a Junior EANx certification or 15 years of age for an EANx certification. Participants must be in good physical condition to enroll in a NAUI Enriched Air Nitrox Diver course. Participants may be either currently enrolled in a NAUI Scuba Diver Course or must be certified as a NAUI Scuba Diver or the equivalent. 


The EANx Diver course consists of classroom instruction, online home study, a final exam, and two required open water dives. Students must plan and safely execute the two required dives using EANx, one of which is to be a repetitive dive. Students taking Scuba Diver and EANx concurrently can use EANx on their required open water dives for Scuba Diver certification to also achieve EANx certification. Note: According to the 2018 NAUI Standards, two open water dives are no longer required. If the participant elects not to do the two dives, he/she is not registered as a NAUI EANx Diver; he/she is registered as EANx qualified. Recognition can then be upgraded to EANx Diver certification upon completion of the two required dives under the guidance of a NAUI instructor.

Course Fees

The EANx Diver Course is $175.00. Additional fees include fees associated with your two required open water dives. Students that pay for their EANx Diver Course while taking the Scuba Diver Course will receive a $25.00 discount.  

What's Next

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