Certification Dives

How Do I Complete My Certification?


After successful completion of the classroom and confined water sessions you will be ready for your required open water dives. These four dives will be completed over a two day period. Certification dives can either be done with New Orleans Scuba or you may purchase a referral letter and complete them with another instructor.

Certification Through New Orleans Scuba


Required open water dives can be completed with New Orleans Scuba for $325.00 per student. This cost covers instructor fees, diving fees, and use of scuba gear (tank, BC, and regulator) for the four required open water dives.  

Certification Through a Referral Letter


If you have a personal trip planned, you can complete your required open water dives by obtaining a referral letter from New Orleans Scuba for $35.00. Bring the signed referral letter to a local dive center at your destination and complete your required open water dives with them. After the required open water dives are complete, the dive center signs the referral letter. This signed referral letter is returned to New Orleans Scuba and your certification card will be ordered. 

Children Under the Age of 15


Children under the age of 15 years must have a scuba certified parent or legal guardian as their dive buddy on the required open water dives and are restricted to a depth of 60 feet or less.

Equipment for Certification


Necessary equipment for your required open water dives is as follows: mask, snorkel, fins, booties (if needed), dive knife, watch or dive computer, gloves, whistle, sufficient weight, logbook, pen, dive tables, wetsuit (if needed), regulator with console and power inflator*, BC*, alternate air source*, two full tanks each day*, and a cold water wetsuit*. (Use of the items with an * are included in the certification fee.)